Amrock Conducts First-Ever NC Remote Closing

Posted by Amrock

On July 17, years of planning and preparation came together as Amrock – in partnership with real estate law firm Brady & Kosofsky – performed North Carolina’s first Remote Online Notarization (RON) digital mortgage closing.

In a RON closing, the signing agent and the client connect from different locations using an online platform. The entire closing process takes place through an audio/video link; the signing agent guides the client through each closing document, which is then signed and notarized using digital signatures and a digital notary stamp.

North Carolina’s inaugural RON closing took place earlier than originally anticipated, because permanent legislation approving RON closings had not yet been enacted there. But the state needed a safe, secure and efficient way to close mortgages in the wake of COVID-19, so they implemented temporary measures allowing these types of digital closings – and Amrock was ready.

“RON closings offer substantial benefits,” said Amrock’s Chief Executive Officer Brian Hughes. “They make closings more convenient for the homeowner and the signing agent, improve the security of information and reduce the chance for errors. They even benefit the environment by reducing paper documents and travel.

“The industry continues to move toward the next chapter in a digital mortgage experience as we see legislation moving forward in many states,” he added. “North Carolina has been at the forefront of this movement. It was through their years of forward thinking and commitment toward establishing responsible legislation that brought this technology to their residents. We’re proud that we could work with them and with our partners to quickly demonstrate a fully digital closing solution.”

RON legislation varies across the country; several states have RON laws in place, and it’s currently pending approval in many other jurisdictions. Many states, like North Carolina, have approved forms of electronic closings on a temporary basis to replace in-person notarizations. “The passage of the temporary Emergency Video Notarization law was paramount to ensuring vital real estate and business transactions could move forward, while also considering the health and safety of all involved,” said Elaine Marshall, Secretary of State of North Carolina. “I commend Quicken Loans and Amrock for taking this major step forward here in North Carolina.”

Amrock’s Digital Closing Milestones in NC

This marked the second milestone digital closing completed by Amrock in North Carolina. In July 2018, Amrock – once again in partnership with Brady & Kosofsky – performed the state’s first In-Person Electronic Notarization (IPEN). In an IPEN closing, the signing agent and client meet in-person, but all documents are digitally signed. Amrock can accommodate all three types of digital closings: RON, IPEN and Hybrid (in which some documents are digitally signed and some require in-person pen-and-paper signatures).

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