Amrock Joins Digital Experience Discussion at California MBA Conference

Posted by Amrock

Amrock Director of Special Projects, Samantha Budzyn (we call her Sam), recently joined the digital-experience discussion as a panelist at the 2018 Annual Western States Mortgage Technology and Loan Servicing Conference. Hosted by the California Mortgage Bankers Association (California MBA), the conference is the organization’s signature yearly event. More than 200 residential mortgage professionals gathered in San Diego for the conference, which took place Aug. 5 – 7.

Sam is one of our experts on eClosing and remote online notarization (RON). She participated at the conference as a panelist on “Life Cycle of the Loan – Technology for Every Aspect,” a stage discussion focused on the end-to-end process for origination and servicing.

“It’s important to recognize that the digital experience is a reality,” said Sam after the conference. “It’s not just something that people are talking about or something that’s upcoming. At Amrock, we’ve successfully completed nearly 1,500 eClosings and the numbers are growing. It’s exciting because this is happening here and now.”

The panelists’ discussion zeroed in on some key factors surrounding eClosing. One major area being safety, security and compliance, and how there are fraud-prevention mechanisms in place such as the multi-factor authentication used in RON.

They offered advice to individuals in the audience on how to approach their plan to fully digitize their products and consumer experience. The word from the stage was to collaborate with partners throughout the supply chain, as well as engaging with organizations who are actively involved in the policy-making process, such as California MBA.

As the panelists explored the benefits of investing in digital solutions, they were asked to answer whether this is a “want” or a “need.”

“We live in a highly digitized economy,” said Sam. “Our clients want this, need this and expect this. So that’s what we’re doing and that’s what we’re pushing to do further. For Amrock, allowing our clients to close in the method that they choose is huge.”