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You want a single source for managing your commercial real estate transactions, one that will bring all the pieces together and keep your deal on track. But you need the knowledge, experience and connections of a team who can assist you through the entire process. Our team is ready to handle your title, escrow and survey management needs.



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(Lance D. Davis)
I had a client say to me, “Lance, we’ve never had a title company come in here and try to help us. They always try to sell us.” And that’s what we’re here for at Amrock. We’re here to help you in your deals and your transactions.

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(Joanie L. Zimmer, Esq.)
Communication is really big in this industry, and honestly when it comes to getting a new client and keeping a new client, it’s building trust, it’s building a relationship, it’s getting us to know them, what they like, and their deals, and being able to have a consistent expectation that we can meet.

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(Steve Nadolski)
If you don’t have a passion about what you’re doing, why are you doing it? And that’s really what our team brings, is a passion to want to be the best in our industry, and you know, we deliver that experience for you, our client, every transaction.

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(David C. Allen)
When I first started at Amrock, what I found different and refreshing was the team environment. Everybody has a role to play and everybody appreciates the role of everybody else.

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(Joanie L. Zimmer, Esq.)
That’s one of my favorite comebacks when people are like, “What? You have four children, and you work full time?” I’m like, “Yeah, I like a good challenge.” And that goes right into my career as well. In this industry you learn and you grow by doing the deals, and doing the transactions.

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(Steve Nadolski)
A ten-day period on 278 commercial properties, mostly industrial, would be unheard of. I would bet that if you went to just about anybody else in our industry, and threw that deal in front of them, they would tell you they would not be able to get that deal done in that timeframe.

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(Joanie L. Zimmer, Esq.)
Being able to write on all the major underwriters is a huge plus. Our clients really like that idea. They like the flexibility that that provides them.

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(Steve Nadolski)
Whether it’s a small convenience store on the corner or it’s a multi-site, multi-state, hundred million, hundred fifty million dollar transaction. We want every client to walk away with the same experience and feel like they made the best choice to use Amrock.

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(Lance D. Davis)
If somebody calls you and says, “Hey, I got a problem.”, and they trust that you’re gonna help them, they’re gonna call you the next time, and the next time, and the next time. That’s where Amrock comes in, and that’s where our experience will come in to help you out.


Amrock is one of the nation’s largest providers of title insurance and closing services. We make real estate transactions faster, easier and more transparent. More importantly, we’ll provide a level of service you won’t find anywhere else.

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Connect With a Multi-Faceted Title Insurance Partner

Commercial real estate transactions can be complex, but the right partner can help you navigate the path to success. Our Commercial team can assist you with:

Title insurance and policy insurance
Closing and escrow
Title search and examination
Document review
Survey coordination

Tap Into All the Major Underwriters

To choose the right underwriter, you need to keep your options open.

Our hands-on approach and close relationships with major underwriters give us the knowledge and flexibility you need in a title partner. We’re an authorized agent of:

Test the Boundaries

You want to work with someone local, someone who understands the nuances of the regional commercial real estate market. But what if your deals – or your future deals – extend to other states? Amrock Commercial has you covered. We have offices located in Detroit, Cleveland, Dallas and Troy, MI.

We not only understand these regional markets, we’re highly experienced in multi-site and multi-state transactions.

Find the Right Mix of Experience and Service

Experience is important in a commercial real estate partner, but it’s the level of service that will make or break the relationship.

Each of Amrock Commercial’s  50+ team members brings a deep core of knowledge and an unmatched commitment to client care. From the first call to the final signature, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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