Amrock Shares eClosing Insights at North Carolina Conference

Posted by Amrock
Two of the most common questions asked about eClosing are how to get started and how to scale the technology with success.

Answering those questions is why North Carolina’s Secretary of State Department sponsored Unlocking the Power of eClosing: A Conference for Mortgage Industry Leaders, a day-long conference held on August 22 in Raleigh, NC. Stakeholders and thought leaders from across the state gathered to exchange tips for the best possible rollout.

julie felts at amrockJulie Felts, a Solution Architect at Amrock, joined the conference’s Connecting the Dots – How Do I Do This Practically in North Carolina? panel to provide her insights based on her real-world experience in the eClosing space. Stakeholders were curious to know the lessons she had learned by helping Amrock achieve 56,000 eClosings as of late August. Among her answers, she shared that her team didn’t have to adapt as much as some might think.

“eClosing doesn’t change the fundamental way business is done. It just allows better results in less time,” said Felts. “Imagine the difference between a manual and riding lawnmower. You’re still out there doing the work you do – just more efficiently, with less sweat.”

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A state-sponsored conference dedicated to eClosing is a sign that curiosity is growing due to consumers and companies seeing real benefits, according to Felts. Sharing knowledge with others in the industry is her favorite way to help stakeholders turn apprehension into confidence, and create better experiences for everyone with eClosing technology.

“The best part about conferences is the lightbulb that appears on everyone’s head when our solutions are explained in practical terms,” said Felts. “Once people hear how eClosings will delight consumers in their state, the fear of the unknown goes away.”