MLTA 2019 Key Takeaways with Amrock’s AVP of Purchase

Posted by Amrock
MLTA 2019 grand traverse resort acme michigan

Photo courtesy of Grand Traverse Resort and Spa


With purchase transactions on the rise, a possible economic recession looming and millennials soon becoming the majority in the workforce, how will you ensure your business adapts?

Adapting to the future was a central theme of MLTA 2019 – a three-day land title and settlement services convention which took place at Grand Traverse Resort in Acme, Michigan.

Karyn Rea, AVP of Purchase at Amrock, was one of three Amrock leaders who attended. In terms of what the future would look like, one of her favorite discussions was about the role of automation in the title industry, which the speaker described as “automated facilitators with expert consultants.” She felt the conversation helped dispel fears about peoples’ role in the workplace.

“A common myth is that automation loses jobs, but in reality, jobs will simply change. Humans will do the deep thinking while automation handles repetitive work like data entry,” says Rea. “At Amrock we want team members to have invigorating roles that leverage their creativity and knowledge.”

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Another discussion sought to highlight differences between millennials and baby boomers and how to lead them more effectively. For example, information presented included that millennials are more tech-savvy and baby boomers are more interpersonal. Rea disagreed with that view; she believes it’s not reliable to put team members’ attitudes and behaviors in generational boxes.

“That just hasn’t been my experience working at Amrock,” says Rea. “Our team members have so many diverse backgrounds and talents that I’ve learned to avoid making assumptions long ago.”

A big takeaway of MLTA 2019 was the concept that quality and service are business differentiators. Rea agreed completely but had an additional bit of wisdom for companies that want to adapt to the evolving title industry.

“Quality and service for clients is a truism, but it all starts by treating team members with the same care,” says Rea. “That’s Amrock’s key for success. Give people a high-quality environment where their ideas are respected, and that feeling will extend to every client they meet.”