Benefits of a National Company Without Sacrificing Local Expertise

Posted by Amrock

Get more time back in your day to sell when you have certainty in your title provider.

For many of you, working with a title provider that gives you personalized service and local expertise is a priority. But the perception that a larger, national company couldn’t possibly give you what you’re looking for is, well, a myth.

Getting personalized client service and local expertise doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the advantages, such as experience and advanced resources, that a nationwide title provider can offer – if you know what to look for.

Simplicity is Genius
Streamlined communications means you can proceed with confidence and certainty, which makes it easier for you to ensure a great client experience, both for yourself and your clients.

One way Amrock makes getting answers, information and resolutions fast and easy is by having a single point of contact. They understand that when it comes to communicating, simpler is speedier. When you’re onboarded with Amrock, you’re assigned an Account Executive who is there to help you get a quote or get an order started. When you have an order that is ready to move forward, a dedicated Escrow Specialist is assigned for the life of that order.

Local Experts Doesn’t Have to Mean Local Only
As a real estate agent, you want to be confident that you’re working with experts who understand the local customs that are specific to your geographical area. But sometimes you need more flexibility. What if you have a client who’s moving outside of your territory? Or maybe you have a client going on vacation and needs to close in another part of the country. You don’t have to lose the business or postpone the transaction.

Amrock has team members and/or partners in every state, each with an expertise in knowing local customs. With more than 5,000 signing agents, they reach every corner of the U.S. Plus, Amrock’s signing agents go when and where you need them to go. Local guys are usually 9 to 5, but Amrock has extended hours to meet the needs of you and your clients. Close at your client’s home? No problem. Close at the coffeeshop? No problem. Close at the airport just before they’re off to catch a flight? Yep. It has happened – and no problem. Amrock’s nationwide network, extended hours and flexibility ensure you close at the time and location that works best for you and your clients, without sacrificing local expertise.

 Experience Speaks Volumes
Working with an experienced provider with a proven track record of outstanding customer satisfaction has immeasurable benefits.

As an industry leader with more than 20 years of experience, Amrock knows what goes into amazing client service. They offer competitive fees – unmatched in some areas in fact – but the real differentiator is their people. Amrock has created a collaborative culture where client experience is a top priority.

And if you’re a Rocket Homes real estate agent, you benefit even more – Amrock is Rocket Homes’ preferred provider, and they know Rocket Homes’ people and processes better than any other title company. This makes working with Amrock an even more seamless process.

In the End, It’s All About You and Your Client
Amrock’s personalized, hands-on service is complemented by leading-edge technology solutions. They’ve streamlined the real estate process with communication tools such as the Amrock Connect web portal and their proprietary mobile apps. But in the end, it’s all about client preference – whether it’s communicating via their portal, app, email or phone, you decide what works best for you.

As a real estate agent, you prioritize giving your clients great service because you understand that happy clients equals more referrals. By taking advantage of Amrock’s personalized service, local expertise, experience and advanced resources, you have the tools you need to deliver a great closing experience – to every client, every time.