Title Source Welcomes ExperienceIT Participants

Posted by Ofelia Saenz


Friday, Oct. 7, 44 tech students from this year’s ExperienceIT program visited Title Source to meet team members, hear about potential positions and learn what makes the Title Source company culture stand out.

The event spotlights Title Source’s partnership with ExperienceIT, an innovative training program designed to bridge the gap between promising candidates for IT jobs and several Detroit-based employers. ExperienceIT is offered free to candidates who are admitted to the program.

“ExperienceIT provides an opportunity for people with no IT experience to get access into the world of IT,” said Title Source Training Strategist Mary Bobbitt. “Our partnership with the program is a way to leave an imprint on the skills that the participants come away with, which makes them top candidates for some really great opportunities available at Title Source.”

Title Source hosted the 44 ExperienceIT participants to showcase to the students what the company does, and how they might fit into a role with the Title Source IT team.

Launched in 2012, the ExperienceIT program is a partnership between leading Detroit-based tech companies, workforce agencies and educational institutions. Recognizing that the IT industry is hot with little evidence of slowing down and that there is global competition for top talent, coordinators of the program created an intensive 8-week experiential training curriculum that provides entry-level participants with practical experience that puts them on par with seasoned IT professionals.

Partner companies, such as Title Source, recognized the need for growing their IT teams, and by providing invaluable resources to candidates, ExperienceIT helps with that initiative.

Rob Gafken, a software developer at Title Source is an alumnus of ExerienceIT. According to Gafken, the program provided an opportunity to network with companies he hadn’t heard about through his college advisors.

“I think it’s great to have a sponsored event to help people enter the field,” said Gafken. “The best thing I received was a chance to learn an architecture and demonstrate my skills to prospective companies.”

Participants of ExperienceIT go through tech training that prepares them for roles such as software engineers, project managers and quality analysts and testers. But they also learn soft skills such as resume and interview training, team-building skills and other important proficiencies that help them upskill their assets to make them valuable candidates for positions with leading tech companies in Detroit and the region.

The strength of the program stems from its diversity. Acceptance into ExperienceIT can be competitive, with 100s applying each year for only 50 spots. But the candidates that are picked to participate come from all backgrounds and different points in their careers. Some are young adults in their last years of college, while others are established professionals looking to pivot their career path.

“The best compliment I can give about ExperienceIT is not in words but in the actions of our team members who have gone through the program,” said Bobbitt. “Their exemplary skills and work ethic are the best testament to the program.”